Brewing Session Beer way before it was a thing

Launched in 2010, Notch Brewing was the first brewing company in the U.S. to focus exclusively on Session Beer. At the time, we simply wanted to brew the beers we loved to drink, and finding them was a challenge. Session beer has been enjoyed in every great beer brewing nation for centuries, yet in the U.S. it was overlooked. So we set out to brew the world’s classic session styles from England, the Czech Republic, Germany and Belgium, as well as explore how session beer could fit with the U.S.’s hoppy beer infatuation. Seven years later, we have a brewery that was built on the back of session beer. It’s proven one thing, that beer consumers like options, and session beer is a great one. 

Session beer is born of workers beer, where refreshment and taste went hand in hand. It slaked the thirst of laborers while they plowed the fields, mined for coal, fired the blast furnace and forged steel. When water was tainted, session beer saved civilization. It’s 4.5% ABV and lower, difficult to brew and a pleasure to drink. Every great beer brewing nation brews and enjoys session beer, and the US is no exception. 

Brewery & Tap Room 

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Seven years of brewing session beer, and we finally built our Salem brewery in 2016. Here's what you'll find:

Tap Room: Full pours for on-site consumption, quart cans to go, and 16oz cans to go of our Single Series beers (when available). We have 8 to 13 beers on tap at all times, highlighting session beers styles from all over. Communal tables, counter service, light snacks, no TVs (except for the Patriots) and SkeeBall. It's a place to socialize with friends, or meet new ones. 

Biergarten: Open year round! Communal tables on the South River basin in the warm months, heated stand-ups in the cold. Watch the tide come and go from our south facing beer garden. Catch a view our harbor seals, birds of all types and striped bass when they are running (no fishing from the biergarten!). Kubb and Cornhole when it's not busy. Well behaved dogs are encouraged!

Brewery: We hope that our brewery will provide our customers a way to see the unique brewing processes and equipment we will be using - a traditional decoction brew-house, open and closed fermentation, horizontal lagering tanks, German gravity dispense, true British cask-conditioning,and a draft system imported from the Czech Republic – tools, process and equipment that will allow a wide variety of session beer to be produced.

Brewery Tours: Tours by request. Aask a staff member if a brewer is available for a tour and we will do our best. Private tours can be booked through



283 Rear Derby Street
Salem MA 01970

CLOSED Mon & Tues
Wed & Thurs 4 - 11PM
Fri & Sat 12pM–11pM



  • GUS Sodas
  • Sparkling bottled water


  • Under 21 OK with parent
  • 21+ only Fri & Sat after 6PM
  • Dogs welcome in biergarten!
  • Dogs & children must be supervised at all times. 




Beers at the Tap Room

 Zwickel Beer - Unfiltered German Lager - 4.5% ABV (11P)

A classic approach to a classic lager, our Zwickel beer is balance of malt sweetness and a spicy hop flavor. All German grain undergoes a decoction mash to bring out a depth of flavor via modern brewhouse techniques.

Tenner- Czech Pale Lager - 4.0% ABV (10P)

Our session strength Czech pale lager. Triple decocted, long lagering time, naturally carbonated

The Standard- Czech Pale Lager - 4.4% ABV (12P)

Our house Czech pale lager, displaying all the classic Czech pilsner characteristics - soft, creamy, hoppy. Double decocted, long lagering time, naturally carbonated.

Polotmavy - Czech Amber Lager - 4.4% ABV (12P)

Our house Czech amber lager - deep malt, soft, creamy, toasty. Double decocted, long lagering time, naturally carbonated.

Cerne Pivo- Czech Black Lager - 4.4% ABV (12P)

The 6th year we've brewed this Czech black beer. ToastyDouble decocted, long lagering time, naturally carbonated

Fußbad - German Pils - 4.5% ABV (12P)

Brewed with mineral rich water, our Northern German inspired Pils has an upfront bitterness and a big bouquet of floral hop flavor and aroma from noble German hop varieties. A drying hop flavor and pleasant minerality is the hallmark of this beer style. A far cry from the industrial German Pils we often see in the US. 

Psychocandy - Scottish Sweet Stout - 3.3% ABV

Sweet scottish stout brewed with milk sugar and aged on french oak.

Hoodang! - Sour Table Beer - 3.0% ABV 

MA Wheat, Michigan hops, lactobacillus and Belgian yeast fermentation. Tart and refreshing

Nelson - Single Hop Pale Ale - 4.5% ABV

Single hopped with Nelson Sauvin. 

English Dream - British Best Bitter - 4.2 ABV 

What pale ale tasted like before US brewers turned them into citrus drinks.

Dog & Pony Show - Single Hop Pale Ale - 4.0% ABV

SIngle hopped with Citra.


Beers out in the world


Session Pils - Czech Pale Lager - 4.0% ABV - 12 oz cans, 6-packs and 12 packs

Notch Session Pils salutes the session pale lagers of the Czech Republic: crisp, herbal, and hoppy. The Czech culture is a beer culture, and their beer of choice is this low gravity pale lager known as Světlé Výčepní. Enjoy it served fresh through our Czech tap system!

Left of the Dial - IPA - 4.3% ABV - 12 oz cans, 6-packs and 12 packs

Celebrating modest ABV of British IPAs, yet with the passion fruit aromas of US hop varieties, Left of the Dial uses British malt, hard water and a new wave hop profile. The base malt is Fawcett Golden Promise, along with a touch of Fawcett caramalt and oat malt. And that “IPA is strong” stuff? All myth. Just ask us.

Infinite Jest - Hoppy Pale Wheat - 4.3% ABV - 12 oz cans, 6-packs and 12 packs

An American Pale Wheat Beer brewed with malted wheat, Pils malt, oats and Equinox hops. Although a wheat beer, it pours only slightly hazy and is packed with fruity hop aroma and a delicate but noticeable hop flavor. Don’t expect the banana, clove, orange or coriander flavors and aromas of Germany or Belgium, but do expect infinite fun.

Zwickel Beer - Unfiltered German Lager - 4.5% ABV - 16 oz cans, 6-packs

A classic approach to a classic lager, our Zwickel beer is balance of malt sweetness and a spicy hop flavor. All German grain undergoes a decoction mash to bring out a depth of flavor via modern brewhouse techniques. 




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