The Single Series

Our Single Series is exactly what it sounds like — a single brew each month.
Cans and draft quantities are limited, so get them while you can!

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August / September Release


Clean bright malt flavors combine with peppery and lemony hop character to showcase what Notch loves most - Czech lager. Floor malted Czech pils malt is double decocted for deep malt structure in such a delicate beer. Open fermented, then racked into a closed fermenter and spund for natural carbonation. We then condition this beer in a horizontal lagering tank for an extended time until complete.

ABV: 4.4
MALT: Floor Malted Czech Barley
HOPS: Sterling
YEAST: Lager
FUN FACTS: A step up in strength from our Session Pils (4% 10P)

JUly / August Release


Who Loves The Sun? - Blonde Ale - 4.5 ABV

Our summer crusher, and we are unapologetic about calling it a summer crusher. Bright, clean, fruity, and refreshing, yet with all the subtle complexity you have come to expect from Notch. See you at the beach.

ABV: 4.5
MALT: Pils & Wheat
HOPS: Dragon
YEAST: Kolsch

June / July Release


The Mule- American Corn Lager - 4.2 ABV

The 7th season for the Mule, and the first time in cans. The Mule uses heritage corn grown in Massachusetts and malted by Valley Malt in Hadely MA (the draft version uses corn grits from Four Star Farms). Corn you say? Yes corn. It is wonderful grain to use in lager, as it mellows the barley and provides a bit of perceived sweetness in the aroma. You really can’t smell or taste corn in beer, but if you are convinced you can, have at it.

ABV: 4.2
MALT: US Pils, MA Corn.
HOPS: Santium
YEAST: Lager
FUN FACTS: This beer would get you thrown our of the Brewers Association a few years ago!



May / June Release

Fodderstompf - German Pils - 4.5 ABV

We took the inspiration of Northern German hoppy pilsners and made it all our own. Instead of the mineral rich water typically found in these Pils, we brewed it with our soft water along with our favorite German hop - Spalt Select. A single decoction and the Bavarian heritage malt Barke provide a beautiful platform for the aggresive Noble hopping.

ABV: 4.5
MALT: Barke Pils
HOPS: Spalt Selecr
YEAST: Lager
FUN FACTS: Last song on the debut record by PIL.


April / May Release


Aromas and flavors of pineapple, white grape, passion-fruit and orange. It’s not an intense hop assault, but a mellow and nuanced dry hopped pale ale. Hallertau Blanc is one of favorite newer hop varieties, and proves we have a love of hopeless causes in this Citra dominated world.

ABV: 4.5
MALT: Pils, Wheat, Flaked
HOPS: Hallertau Blanc
APPEARANCE: Orange haze
FUN FACTS: Our very first Yelp review was a one star due to our initial restriction on teenagers.