Session Beer: What's That All About?

Why Session Beer Matters.

Beer enhance our times together, session beer extends them. We like good times. We like lingering in the biergarten for a few hours, or around the fire pit with friends, or at the beach with our kids, and we all like to get home safely and feel ready to go the next morning. Notch is a promise, that any beer you buy with the Notch brand will be lower than 4.5% ABV. A promise that the flavor will never fatigue and always invite you back for another sip, another beer, another story.

Session beer is born of workers’ beer, where refreshment and taste were equally important. It slaked the thirst of laborers while they plowed the fields, mined for coal, fired blast furnaces and forged steel. When water was tainted, session beer saved civilization. It’s 4.5% ABV and lower; difficult to brew and a pleasure to drink. Every great beer brewing nation makes and enjoys session beer, and the U.S. is no exception.