Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe

After a number of starts and stops, and an unplanned 9 month hiatus, Slanted & Enchanted is back, as we fill 16 oz cans in Salem this afternoon. It’s the first canning run in Salem, as we hopefully bring a good portion of our production here this summer and in a larger way this fall (if the MA DEP ever allows us to do so, but that's a whole other blog / rant). 

Slanted & Enchanted displays all the classic elements of a German pale lager, yet with a dry hopping of newer German varieties Hallertau Blanc, Mandarina Bavaria and Huell Melon. It also says Grüngeist on the label, but we were not happy with the current crop, so that will return later this year as part of the hop blend. We took advantage of our brewhouse capabilities and performed a single decoction for a great malt structure. Natural carbonation is created through “spunding” and helps build a beautiful lace, while the hops hit you with grape, peach and citrus. It’s what a loyal Zwickel drinker would reach for when they want some additional hop character (that would be me) without all the interference an ale yeast can bring. It's not an IPL, it's a hoppy lager. 

I love this beer and hope you do too. We went through multiple recipe and process iterations to get it right, and that’s part of the reason we stopped making it last year. Initially brewed at our Salem brewery in 2016, we were to scale this up at one of our contract partners in 2017, but we had a difficult time doing that. Instead, we stopped producing it while further testing process and recipes in Salem for feedback from the Tap Room. I’m thrilled with the result and happy to be canning this monthly in Salem. It was not a planned path, but that’s a bit of Notch’s DNA.

You can purchase these cans now at the tap room (while they last) and then at North Shore retailers starting later next week. This will hit distro (because that is how we roll) on the North Shore first, and then the Boston area in July.

Author - Chris