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Week of 7/8/19
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SESSION PILS - CZECH Pils - 4.0% ABV (10°P)

Notch Session Pils salutes the session pale lagers of the Czech Republic: crisp, herbal, and hoppy. The Czech culture is a beer culture, and their beer of choice is this low gravity pale lager known as Světlé Výčepní. 

ABV: 4.0
MALT: Pils
HOPS: Saaz
YEAST: Lager Yeast
FUN FACTS: The Czech Republic brews varying strengths of Pilsner, and the most popular is the 4.0% ABV version known as Desítka. Yes, there really is a Session Pilsner. 

The Standard - Czech Pils - 4.4% ABV (12°P)

Clean bright malt flavors combine with peppery and lemony hop character to showcase what Notch loves most - Czech lager. Floor malted Czech pils malt is double decocted for deep malt structure in such a delicate beer. Open fermented, then racked into a closed fermenter and spund for natural carbonation. We then condition this beer in a horizontal lagering tank for an extended time until complete

ABV: 4.4
MALT: Floor Malted Czech Barley
HOPS: Sterling
YEAST: Lager
FUN FACTS: A step up in strength from our Session Pils (4% 10P)


Crisp, dry, clean with hints of fruit. The 7th season for the Mule, and the first time in cans. The Mule uses heritage corn grown in Massachusetts and malted by Valley Malt in Hadely MA). Corn you say? Yes corn. It is wonderful grain to use in lager, as it mellows the barley and provides a bit of perceived sweetness in the aroma. You really can’t smell or taste corn in beer, but if you are convinced you can, have at it.

ABV: 4.2
MALT: US Pils, MA Corn.
HOPS: Santium
YEAST: Lager
FUN FACTS: This beer would get you thrown our of the Brewers Association a few years ago

Fire Walk with me - Bamberg Smoked Lager 4.4% ABV

Traditional amber rauchbier lager modeled after the smoked beers of Bamberg. Beechwood smoke is used to dry the barley during malting, resulting in a smoky aroma and hint of smoke in the flavor. Rich, malty, balanced.

ABV: 4.4
MALT: Rauchmalt, Caramunich
HOPS: Spalt
YEAST: Lager
FUN FACTS: In “Rauchbier” the CH is a hard K, not like the CH in couch.

AltBier - Düsseldorf STyle AltBier - 4.5% ABV (11°P)

A copper colored ale that feels like a lager. Sweet vanilla balances earthy snappy bitterness with rounded notes of dark crusty bread and caramel. Single decoction, open fermented, extended cold lagering time, natural carbonation.

ABV: 4.5
STYLE: Düsseldorf Alt Bier
MALT: German Pils, Munich
HOPS: Spalt
YEAST: Kölsch 
FUN FACTS: The Düsseldorf style of Altbier tends to display more bitterness and less sweetness than other German Altbier.

Who loves the sun - blonde ale - 4.5% ABV

A light, refreshing blonde ale with a melange of kiwi fruit, fresh strawberries, and citrus flavors. Fermented and conditioned cold with a Kolsch yeast, and dry hopped with Styrian Dragon hops. A crisp beer perfect for the summer heat.

ABV: 4.5
MALT: Pilsner, Wheat
HOPS: Styrian Dragon
YEAST: Kolsch
FUN FACTS: The beer formerly known as Dragon Lady.


Celebrating the modest ABV of British IPAs, yet with the passion and stone fruit aromas of US hop varieties, Left of the Dial uses British malt, hard water and a new wave hop profile. 

ABV: 4.3
MALT: Golden Promise, Caramalt, Oat Malt, 
HOPS: Citra, Mosaic
FUN FACTS: That “IPA is strong” stuff? All myth. Low ABV IPA's have been around for centuries. 

The Voll Projekt

Our side project for full strength beer - 4.5% to 7%. These are definitely not session strength beers, but beers made to contemplate. Look for continental lagers and ales, as well as an American hop forward beers.


This export strength Bavarian Helles carries a bit more alcohol than the standard Helles, and with it comes more intense aromas of honey, grape and biscuit. The flavor is fuller and the malt lands a bit sweeter, and this helps to remind you that this is a beer to relax with, as the flavors develop and change over the 1/2 liter. Brewed with one malt (the heritage variety Barke Pils) and one hop (Spalt). Fermented cold, naturally carbonated and lagered for two months. Currently available in 16oz four packs from the brewery and at retail.

PKG: 16oz can, four packs
ABV: 5.7
MALT: German Barke Pils Malt
HOPS: Spalt Select
YEAST: Lager

Hefe Weisse - Bavarian Pale Wheat - 5.4% ABV

The classic Bavarian wheat beer! Notes of clove and banana. Single decoction in the brewhouse, open fermented with a monastery brewery yeast from Munich, and served with a billowing fluffy head.

PKG: Draft, 16oz can four packs
ABV: 5.4
MALT: Pils & Wheat
HOPS: Spalt
YEAST: Weisse Yeast

Dunkel Weisse - Bavarian dark Wheat - 5.2% ABV

Dunkel Weisse presents itself with caramelized banana malt flavors and strong clove aromas with hints of vanilla. This full bodied, low bitterness beer is delicious and creamy yet with a refreshing finish high carbonation Single decoction in the brewhouse, open fermented with a monastery brewery yeast from Munich, and served with a billowing fluffy head.

PKG: Draft
ABV: 5.2
MALT: Pils, Munich, & Valley Malt Wheat
HOPS: Spalt
YEAST: Weisse Yeast


BAvARIAN radler - sparkling lemonade + PALE LAGER

Traditional German mixture of sparkling lemonade and pale lager.  Thirst quencher!

Salzburg radler - sparkling GRAPEFRUIT + PALE LAGER

Traditional Austrian mixture of sparkling grapefruit and pale lager.  Another thirst quencher!