BEER at TAP room

The Standard - Czech Pils - 4.4% ABV (12°P)

Clean bright malt flavors combine with peppery and lemony hop character to showcase what Notch loves most - Czech lager. Floor malted Czech pils malt is double decocted for deep malt structure in such a delicate beer. Open fermented, then racked into a closed fermenter and spund for natural carbonation. We then condition this beer in a horizontal lagering tank for an extended time until complete

ABV: 4.4
STYLE: Světlý Ležák (Czech Pale Lager)
MALT: Floor Malted Czech Barley
HOPS: Sterling
YEAST: Lager
FUN FACTS: A step up in strength from our Session Pils and Tenner (4% 10P)

Polotmavy - Czech Amber Lager - 4.5% ABV (12°P)

Another Czech beer style totally missed by US brewers, this is our sixth year brewing the beautiful red / amber Czech lager. Big notes of toast and bread, spicy and peppery Saz hops, and a full yet dry finish. Open fermented, then racked into a closed fermenter and spund for natural carbonation. We then condition this beer in a horizontal lagering tank for an extended time until complete

ABV: 4.5
STYLE: Polotmavy (Amber Lager)
MALT: Vienna, Munich
HOPS: Saaz
YEAST: Lager
FUN FACTS: In the Czech language Polo = Half; Tmavy = Dark.


Our cult classic is back! This Czech Black Lager is double decocted with Pils, Vienna and Munich malts to bring out a toasty and slightly roasty malt character.

ABV: 4.5
STYLE: Cerne (Czech Black Lager)
MALT: Czech Pils, Vienna, Munich, Carafa
HOPS: Saaz
YEAST: Lager Yeast
FUN FACTS: Double decocted, naturally carbonated, & extended lagering.

Rauchbier - Bamberg Smoked Lager 4.4% ABV (12°P)

Traditional smoked lager modeled after the smoked beers of Bamberg. Beechwood smoke is used to dry the barley during malting, resulting in a smoky aroma and hint of smoke in the flavor.

ABV: 4.4
MALT: Rauchmalt, Carafa,
HOPS: Spalt
YEAST: Lager
FUN FACTS: the CH is a hard K, not like the CH in couch.

Land Speed Record - NE Pale ALe - 4.5 abv

Intensely aromatic and flavorful from a blend of U.S. & Australian hops. Floral grapefruit flavor with a hint of pine. 

ABV: 4.5
MALT: Pils, Wheat
HOPS: Ella, Equinox, Citra
APPEARANCE: Straw haze
FUN FACTS: Album name from Husker Du!

Raw Power - Session IPA - 4.5 abv

Golden Promise malt, dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic. Oranges, grapefruit, bright. 

ABV: 4.5
MALT: Golden Promise, Flaked
HOPS: Citra & Mosaic
APPEARANCE: Orange haze
FUN FACTS: We love Iggy

teenage riot - PAle ale - 4.2 abv

Golden Promise malt, dry hopped exclusively with Hallertau Blanc. Grapes, oranges, bright fruit. 

ABV: 4.2
MALT: Golden Promise, oat, wheat
HOPS: Hallertau Blanc
APPEARANCE: Orange haze
FUN FACT: Sonic Youth!

Complete control - Oat PAle ale - 4.5 abv

Hopped solely with Mosaic, Complete Control boasts aromas of orange, mango, and a resinous hop finish.  

ABV: 4.5
MALT: Golden Promise, Oat Malt
HOPS: Mosaic
APPEARANCE: Deep golden haze
FUN FACT: Named for the Clash song about artistic freedom.

psychocandy - Sweet Scottish stout - 3.3 abv

Scottish malt and lactose combine to balance the deep roasted malt and toasted wood aging.

ABV: 3.3
MALT: Golden Promise, Lactose
HOPS: Santiam
FUN FACT: Named after the Scottish band the Jesus & Mary Chain’s first record.

Guest Brewer series - TRVE Brewing

Not a collaboration, but a guest brew, where our friends are in invited to brew whatever they choose at our brewery in Salem. This time up we have Trve Brewing out of Denver Colorado, who chose to use the full capabilities of our brewhouse and lager fermentation capabilities.

Devouring MORTALITY - Dry hopped dortmunder - 5.0% ABV

This Dortmunder uses half local pilsner malt from Valley Malt in MA and half pilsner malt from Troubadour Maltings in Fort Collins, CO. Hopped with Saaz and Tettnang, single decocted, open fermented, dry hopped and naturally carbonated. 

ABV: 5.0
MALT: Pils (Valley Malt, Troubadour Maltings)
HOPS: Saaz & Tettnang
YEAST: Lager


BAvARIAN radler - sparkling lemonade + PALE LAGER

Traditional German mixture of sparkling lemonade and pale lager.  Thirst quencher!

Salzburg radler - sparkling GRAPEFRUIT + PALE LAGER

Traditional Austrian mixture of sparkling grapefruit and pale lager.  Another thirst quencher!