BEER at TAP room

Lojko - Polish Lager - 4.5% ABV (12°P)

An homage to the immigrants that built our city, this Polish lager is crisp, clean and quenching of any workingman's thirst. We give this beer all the love it deserves - triple decoction, open fermentation, natural carbonation and a long lagering time. 

ABV: 4.5
STYLE: Polish Pale Lager
MALT: Floor Malted Pilsner
HOPS: Lubelski (Lublin)
YEAST: Lager
FUN FACTS: Named for our founder's (Chris Lohring) great grandparents who immigrated to Salem from Warsaw Poland.

The Mule - American Corn Lager - 4.2% ABV (11°P)

The fifth anniversary of the Mule is upon us! Brewed with MA malted corn, US barley malt and hops. There is nothing more traditional in US brewing history, and we embrace this often maligned style.  

ABV: 4.2
STYLE: American Corn Lager
MALT: American Pils, Massachusetts Malted Corn
HOPS: Santiam
YEAST: Lager
FUN FACTS: Every year we've toyed with different corn methods - grits, flakes, malted. We've landed on Malted Corn from our friends at Valley Malt as the most flavorful, and local.

Fire Walk With Me - Bamberg Rauchbier - 4.5% ABV (12°P)

A light amber, beechwood aged smoked lagerbier brewed for our 8th anniversary party. The essential smoked lager when you are having more than one. This is infinitely drinkable and refreshing, yet with a high degree of complexity. Double decocted, open fermented, naturally carbonated.  

ABV: 4.5
STYLE: Bamberg Rauchbier (Smoked beer)
MALT: Rauchmalt, Munich,
HOPS: Spalt
YEAST: Lager
FUN FACTS: Twin Peaks fans already know. 

grodziskie - Oak SMOKED POLISH WHEAT - 3.1% ABV (8°P)

A Polish beer style that has been revived in recent years and displays all the attributes of a great session beer - highly complex yet infinitely drinkable. A hint of smoke on the aroma, and a clean, dry hoppy finish. 

ABV: 3.1
STYLE: Grodziskie
MALT: Oak Smoked Wheat (Valley Malt), Pilsner
HOPS: Lubelski (Lublin)
FUN FACTS: Named for the town of Grodzisk in Poland where the style originated.  

Hefe Weisse - BAVARIAN Wheat- 4.5% ABV 

Summer time comes to the South River Canal when this beer appears. Full of clove and banana, full on the palate yet finishing bright and dry. A single decoction mash, open fermented, naturally carbonated. 

ABV: 4.5
STYLE: Bavarian Wheat
MALT: Bavarian Wheat & Pils Malt
HOPS: Spalt
YEAST: Bavarian
FUN FACTS: Most regions of Bavarian use "Hefe Weisse" rather than "Hefe Weizen". Hefe = Yeast; Weisse = White; Weizen = Wheat. 


All the character of Hefe Weisse, yet brewed with Rye instead of Wheat. Slightly less fruity and more spice than the Hefe. A single decoction mash, open fermented, naturally carbonated. 

ABV: 4.5
STYLE: Bavarian Rye
MALT: Bavarian Rye & Pils Malt
HOPS: Spalt
YEAST: Bavarian
FUN FACTS: Essential the same recipe as Hefe Weisse, but with Rye instead of Wheat. 

Infinite Jest - pale Ale - 4.5 abv

Pils & Wheat and a large dry hop addition of Equinox, Mosaic & Blanc. 

ABV: 4.5
MALT: Pils, Wheat
HOPS: Equinox, Mosaic, Blanc
APPEARANCE: Hazy straw
FUN FACTS: Named after a line from Hamlet, maybe a book too. 

Dog & Pony Show - pale Ale - 4.5 abv

Pils & Wheat and a large dry hop addition of Citra set the tone for this New England style Pale Ale. 

ABV: 4.5
MALT: Pils, Wheat, Malted Oats
HOPS: Citra
APPEARANCE: Very hazy straw
FUN FACTS: First brewed 2 years ago, and soon to be released in 16 oz cans.  

Left of the Dial - IPA - 4.3 abv

Scottish barley malt and English oats lay the base for the US hop varieties Citra and Mosaic. 

ABV: 4.3
MALT: Golden Promise, Caramalt, Oat Malt
HOPS: Citra, Mosaic
APPEARANCE: Hazy orangy
FUN FACTS: Named for the college radio side of the dial. 

Land Speed Record - pale Ale - 4.5 abv

Pils & Wheat and a large dry hop addition. Dry, slightly bitter and bright flavors dominate. 

ABV: 4.5
MALT: Pils, Wheat
HOPS: Citra, Ella, Mandarina Bavaria
APPEARANCE: Hazy straw
FUN FACTS: The hop blend changes with every brew 

BAvARIAN radler - sparkling lemonade + PALE LAGER

Traditional German mixture of sparkling lemonade and pale lager.  Thirst quencher!

Salzburg radler - sparkling GRAPEFRUIT + PALE LAGER

Traditional Austrian mixture of sparkling grapefruit and pale lager.  Another thirst quencher!