Notch, launched in 2010 and the first brewing company to focus exclusively on session beer (if you hear otherwise, it’s revisionist history). Imagine that, years of people telling us we were nuts, crazy and had lost our minds to focus on session beer. But today, in 2014, we are on the front edge of the trend, and no longer the lunatic fringe. But people still call us nuts (we get those looks…).

Notch was launched by me, Chris Lohring, a professional brewer since 1993, most notably at the Tremont Brewery in Boston MA.┬áToday, I am an independent brewer – we own no facility – instead brewing with other breweries. My love of session beer, or beers with flavor and low ABV, have been with me for decades. I love session beer for its unique ability to extend the good times.

I am not a “gypsy brewer” or what ever term that is used today to make contract brewing look more sexy. I don’t know what to call ourselves, really. But I currently brew our beers at three locations, the Ipswich Ale Brewery (Bottles, Draft, Cask), Two Roads Brewery (Cans, Draft) and Kennebunkport Brewery (Cask One-Off) – Kennebunkport is small 7 bbl system where I apprenticed as a brewer in ’93 – it keeps me humble to consistently go back there.

We offer no tours, and don’t sell merchandise. We hope to do both of these one day!

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