Beers at the Tap Room

Session Pils - Czech Session Lager - 4.0% ABV (10P)

Yes, there really is a Session Pils, and it is the most consumed style in the country that consumes the most beer by capita. 

The Standard  - Czech Pale Lager - 4.4% ABV (12P)

What most Americans think about when they hear "Czech Pils", the Standard is soft on the palate, firm with hops and delicate on the finish. Double decocted with floor malted barley, naturally carbonated, and served via our traditional Czech faucets. 

Polotmavy  - Czech Amber Lager - 4.4% ABV (12P)

Sweet toasty malt aromas, spicy Saaz hop flavor, rich malt character that finishes dry.  A very old style of Czech lager, Polotmavy has seen a resurgence in its homeland as of late.

Fodderstomph- Dry hopped German Pale Lager - 4.2% ABV

German Pale Lager dry hopped with Grüngeist & Hallertau Blanc. Pure German in ingredients and non-traditional in flavor profile. 

Festbier - Bavarian Lager - 5.8% ABV

Definitely not a session beer! We brewed this for our inaugural Oktoberfest at the brewery, and it felt like the right moment to brew something stronger. This is not the amber colored Oktoberfest you see this time of year, but the Festbier served in the Munich tents. Paler in color, not as sweet, and slightly more hoppy. Decoction mashed and naturally carbonated. 

Giddy Up! - German Ale - 4.2% ABV

British malt meets the new German hop variety Hallertau Blanc. It hazy and all that. 

Green Ghost - Single Hop Pale Ale - 4.1% ABV 

Single hop pale ale with the new German variety 

The Wedding Present  - Pale Ale - 4.5% ABV

Exactly as it sounds. this is a wedding gift for our Tap Room Manager Liz McCarthy. The hops are Nelson Sauvin and Hallertau Blanc, and they provide a big punch of grape and tropical fruit. Toast to Liz & Jeff!

Guest Brewery at the Tap Room!

Our guest brewer series allows our brewer friends to use our brewery and serve it in our tap room! Their recipe, their beer, their labor!

Gentile Brewing - Beverly MA - Dunkel Lager - 5.0% ABV

Long time friend Paul Gentile took over the brewery and used all of our capabilities! Double decocted, naturally carbonated and cold lagered, his Dunkel is malty and a little chewy, but well balanced with traditional hopping and a slight roast. Come drink our neighbors across the bridge here in Salem!

Beers out in the world


Session Pils - Czech Pale Lager - 4.0% ABV

Notch Session Pils salutes the session pale lagers of the Czech Republic: crisp, herbal, and hoppy. The Czech culture is a beer culture, and their beer of choice is this low gravity pale lager known as Světlé Výčepní. Enjoy it served fresh through our Czech tap system!

Left of the Dial - IPA - 4.3% ABV

Celebrating modest ABV of British IPAs, yet with the passion fruit aromas of US hop varieties, Left of the Dial uses British malt, hard water and a new wave hop profile. The base malt is Fawcett Golden Promise, along with a touch of Fawcett caramalt and oat malt. And that “IPA is strong” stuff? All myth. Just ask us.

Infinite Jest - Hoppy Pale Wheat - 4.3% ABV

An American Pale Wheat Beer brewed with malted wheat, Pils malt, oats and Equinox hops. Although a wheat beer, it pours only slightly hazy and is packed with fruity hop aroma and a delicate but noticeable hop flavor. Don’t expect the banana, clove, orange or coriander flavors and aromas of Germany or Belgium, but do expect infinite fun.

Saison - Belgian Farmhouse Ale - 3.8% ABV

Born of worker’s beer, Belgian farmers brewed Saison for the harvest where seasonal workers consumed 5 liters per day for hydration. This traditional lower alcohol content beer has a dry, spicy and refreshing finish. Brewed with MA wheat, hard water, and a traditional Belgian yeast strain.