Beers at the Tap Room

Rauchbier - Bamberg Smoked Lager - 4.4% ABV (12°P)

Rauchbier in German translates to smokebeer, and it is one of the oldest categories of beer in the world. Our Rauchbier is brewed with grain entirely from Weyermann Malting in Bamberg, including a Beechwood smoked barley malt. A single decoction and extended lagering gives this brown lager the traditional care it deserves.

Loral - Czech Pale Lager - 4.0% ABV (11°P)

Unfiltered Czech pale lager (you can call it a Pilsner if you want) that is medium dry, crisp with a lingering hop finish. Double decocted and fermented with a famous yeast from the home of pilsner. Hopped with the new US variety Loral, that fits this classic style perfectly. 

Helles - Munich Pale Lager - 4.5% ABV (12°P)

Bavarian Pils malt undergoes a decoction mash for depth of flavor, and then meets our beloved Augustiner lager yeast for a long romance. We brewed the Helles last year and lagered it for 3 months. It's a subtle beer that has a great depth of complexity. Liter pours are a must. 

Session Pils - Czech Pale Lager - 4.0% ABV (10°P)

Yes Virginia, there really is a session Pils, and it's the most consumed beer style in the country that consumes the most beer per capita in the world. Saaz hops and continental malt provide the base for this classic Czech pub beer.  

Teenage Riot - Single hop Pale Ale (w/ Hallertau Blanc) - 4.2% ABV

Hopped exclusively with Hallertau Blanc for aromas of peach, grape and tea.

Plenty for All - Single hop Oat Pale Ale (w/ Mosaic) - 4.0% ABV

Oat pale ale hopped with Mosaic. Soft and creamy.

El Hombre Dorado - Single hop Pale Ale (w/ El Dorado) - 4.0% ABV

Bone dry, crisp pale ale hopped with El Dorado. 


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Session Pils - Czech Pale Lager - 4.0% ABV

Notch Session Pils salutes the session pale lagers of the Czech Republic: crisp, herbal, and hoppy. The Czech culture is a beer culture, and their beer of choice is this low gravity pale lager known as Světlé Výčepní. Enjoy it served fresh through our Czech tap system!

Left of the Dial - IPA - 4.3% ABV

Celebrating modest ABV of British IPAs, yet with the passion fruit aromas of US hop varieties, Left of the Dial uses British malt, hard water and a new wave hop profile. The base malt is Fawcett Golden Promise, along with a touch of Fawcett caramalt and oat malt. And that “IPA is strong” stuff? All myth. Just ask us.

Infinite Jest - Hoppy Pale Wheat - 4.3% ABV

An American Pale Wheat Beer brewed with malted wheat, Pils malt, oats and Equinox hops. Although a wheat beer, it pours only slightly hazy and is packed with fruity hop aroma and a delicate but noticeable hop flavor. Don’t expect the banana, clove, orange or coriander flavors and aromas of Germany or Belgium, but do expect infinite fun.

Black Lager - Czech style Černé Pivo - 4.0% ABV

Our cold weather session lager, built for multiple pints when the days get short. Black in color yet modest in ABV, our Black lager has an upfront malt sweetness with notes of roast and chocolate, yet finishes medium dry without cloying sweetness. This is a Czech staple, and one we love to brew each winter. Enjoy!

Turn It On IPA - IPA - 4.3% ABV (Draft only)

Intense tropical fruit and citrus aromatics from El Dorado and Citra hops are combined with our favorite British malts to provide a creamy texture for the high hoping rate. 

Teenage Riot - Single hop Pale Ale (w/ Hallertau Blanc) - 4.2% ABV

Hopped exclusively with Hallertau Blanc for aromas of peach, grape and tea