Notch Skee Ball League Wednesdays!

It's happening, the weekly skee-ball leauge we've been promising. We are starting simple, and will let the league members refine its awesomeness. Here's the starting parameters:

  • Every Wednesday 7 - 9ish PM
  • 9 strings
  • 9 balls per string
  • Max 9 teams
  • Teams of 3, each team member rolls 3 strings.
  • Top team wins Notch Tap Room gift certificate
  • 2nd & 3rd place Notch schwag
  • All beer snacks 50% off for teams while playing
  • First come first entry for the night (all three team members must be in the room)
  • Top three finishing teams secure a spot for the following week

We'll see how this rolls... and then refine as we go.