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Session Beer Day was created last year by Lew Bryson, our Session Beer comrade. And this year on April 7th we are increasing our fun factor, because after all, Session Beer was built for fun. Our theme for Session Beer Day: small beer, big glasses, multiple rounds, two sessions. And a 5K fun run sponsored by the Honest Pint before, for those who need to build a thirst before slaking one later on.

The small beer will be Notch, not surprising, but we will surprise you with a new beer or two! The big glasses will be complimentary Notch glass liter mugs, presented to you with your first Notch purchase! “Multiple rounds” suggest you hang out for a few, and we strongly suggest you buy a round for your friends, as it’s a lost art that we desperately need to save. If you need some help on this custom, the elders will be there to help you out. And the two sessions are a nod to war time England’s two pub sessions. The first session will be at Deep Ellum, Boston’s unquestioned champion of Session Beer. The second session will be at the Silhouette, Boston’s unquestioned champion of unpretentious beer drinking and Buck Hunter.

Also, there is an optional pre-event 5K-ish run sponsored by the Honest Pint that starts at 3:30!

The agenda for Notch Celebrates Session Beer Day:

Honest Pint pre-game run 3:30 to 4:00 (optional! You are free skip and start your session immediately!)

Deep Ellum 4:00 to 5:30 (Grab your mug, buy your round, and settle in. You aren’t going anywhere.)

The Silhouette 5:30 to 7:00 (With liter mug in hand, we take it to the Silhouette! Allston’s everyman’s bar, complete with Buck Hunter and more session beer)

And we have a Session Beer Day Manifesto ready, with proclamations released periodically leading up to the big day. There is no cost, just pay as you go (hopefully in rounds) and keep your liter mug as a reminder beer can still be fun and not at all like homework!

Event Page on Facebook.

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