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A quick blog hit about the Squirrel Brew that Notch brewed for the JP Music Fest, as you’ll start seeing it pop up at bars all over Jamaica Plain this weekend. The beer is a very short run of 13 lucky kegs that will be used for fundraising efforts for the fest. I cut my price to the wholesaler significantly, my wholesaler (Burke) cut their price significantly to bars, and every time you buy a pint, a portion of that transaction goes back to the fest. How much is up to each account serving it, but you can be sure it’s a good chunk of change.

Squirrel Brew (yes, Squirrel Brew!) is an unfiltered blonde bitter. Refreshing, dry and hoppy. I used the British malt Golden Promise from Fawcett Malting in Yorkshire, a Yorkshire ale yeast, and a healthy dose of US hops – Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo. It’s a great day drinker (4.5%ABV) for those who like their hops piney, citrusy, and in abundance.

Look for it here:

Brendan Behan
The Haven
Canary Square
Tres Gatos
Galway House
Milky Way
Midway Cafe
James Gate
Bukowski’s Boston (the outlier!)

It won’t last long, and hopefully there will still be some kicking around by the time of the JP Music Fest on September 8. There will also be a pub crawl on Sept 5 if you want to test the session mettle of this beer.

And the name, Squirrel Brew? Ya, I don’t have a lot of dogmatic views at Notch, but there are two: nothing above 4.5% ABV, and no beers with silly names. So, my excuse? Sometimes it’s good to be silly, and more importantly, to support local arts and music! And here’s the back story of the legendary JP Albino Squirrel, enjoy!


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  1. Dave Baron says:

    The beer is awesome and the fundraiser is awesome! Thanks Notchers!

  2. Lynn says:

    Galway House suggested it & my group of 7 + at least 30-odd other people there when we were there we LOVING it! Please, please have this available as a ‘regular’… ‘JP Albino Squirrel’ would work on a label. Come on!!!! Squirrel Brew is common name. JP Albino Squirrel? You’d get all of JP + Boston + all the musicians&tourists&locals. Whatever name you decide – yes, JP Albino Squirell would be great! – please sell it. It’s great!!